Our Services

  • HR Policies and related employment Law
  • Remuneration system (including equal Pay)
  • Employee Surveys
  • Career change and career support
  • Counselling/coaching
  • Management of recruitment/selection Programmes
  • Develop and deliver HR plan aligned to business requirements
  • provide effective and practical HR Solutions in response to current challenges and future changes
  • Preparation of Job description, draft advertisement and interview candidates
  • Assisting with redundancy situation
  • Delivery of short training to the candidate for fit in the organisations
  • Develop small and entry level companies to set strategic skills and objectives
  • Recruitment and Selection of staff for small and entry level business
  • Provide HR support to event management Companies

Other Services

  • Business Strategy – Create new Business models, benchmark against key industry performance indicators, increase competitiveness and drive growth through innovations
  • Finance and risk– Improve Forecasting and reporting, Develop Predictive capabilities, reduce enterprise risk and optimize your finance organisation
  • Technology Strategy– Leverage Technology to drive business innovations and create sustainable growth while optimizing the IT organisation
  • Marketing Sales & Service – Maximize every interaction with customers across multiple channels to create advocacy. Integrate, analyze and manage marketing using innovative technology to enable increased revenue and reduced costs.
  • Operations supply chain – Improve your operating model and interconnect end to end supply chain functions for optimized process efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Organisation and people – Enable innovation through collaboration, performance measurement, Talent Management, and effective leadership; supported by advanced analytics and a transformed human resource function.


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Registered Address – 91, Princes Avenue, The Hyde, London, NW9 9JN, United Kingdom

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